They are said to have got engaged shortly before the Wimbledon tennis tournament.Pippa is now designing a ring and planning a reception at the home of her parents Carole and Michael in Bucklebury,Berks.Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016...or Ever? Recently,I attended a political event where about 400 conservative Republicans gathered to hear an impressive parade of conservative congressman,governors,and senators. Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters/CorbisAs I was chatting with a man in his mid-30s,the conversation turned to the 2016 presidential race. vera bradley sale When I asked him who he was supporting as the Republican nominee,his answer was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Then I was prompted to ask the question I ask every Republican after they tell me their preferred candidate: "Do you think Rand Paul can win 270 electoral votes?" The man immediately replied,"I never thought about that.
 The court did not agree and instead found him guilty of all charges. But they ruled that because Gabriele had no prior criminal record and had given many years of service to the church,he would have to serve only 18 months instead of three years.Because the Vatican has no prison of its own,Gabriele will have to serve his sentence in an Italian prison—if he serves time at all. In Italy,most convicts do not have to serve sentences 18 months or less. For now Gabriele is on house arrest,staying at home in his Vatican City apartment with his wife and three children. His lawyer has three days to decide whether to appeal the verdict,which may not even be necessary,because the pope is expected to pardon him anyway,according to Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.
 She found that in these wars,much as in Vietnam,more than one in three soldiers reported killing the enemy; other researchers found that one in five acknowledged killing a civilian by mistake; two in three handled or uncovered dead bodies,and the same ratio saw wounded and sick women and children they couldn't help. Nearly 80 percent had lost a friend or had a friend wounded.No wonder they were feeling heavy with grief and guilt. Looking at the data,Litz says it seemed "unequivocally clear" that the fear model was not enough. In 2009,he joined with Nash,Maguen,and two others to publish "Moral Injury and Moral Repair in War Veterans." They called urgently for further study to fill a "clinical care vacuum" that is "doing a disservice" to service members.
 A Palestinian protestor prepares to throw a stone towards Israeli security forces during clashes at the entrance of the Jalama checkpoint,near the West Bank city of Jenin,on February 24,2013. (Saif Dahlah / AFP / Getty Images)If a writer wants to criticize violence in the Israeli-Palestinian context,I am all for it. But it should be a critique that is honest and proportional (it is nothing short of obscene that a 12 year-old Palestinian can be sentenced to months in Israeli prison for throwing rocks,whereas a man responsible for the massacre of civilians can become Prime Minister). A critique of violence in Israel-Palestine can certainly incorporate criticism of stone-throwing,but it ought to recognize that a culture is no less violent for its fancy uniforms and the "official" manner in which it kills and maims.
 Enough: A girl participates in a women's rights demonstration last year. (Giorgio Cosulich / Getty Images)Many believed that with Berlusconi's departure,there would be a new dawn for the country—especially women. But one year later,Italian women are actually faring far worse than they were when il Cavaliere resigned—at least according to the 2012 World Economic Gender Gap report,which ranks women in 135 countries according to workforce equality,wage parity,health,and education. According to the report,Italian women slipped six slots from 74th to 80th on the overall scale,behind countries including Moldova,Ghana,and Peru. In some areas,Italian women did far worse—ranking 101st in employment and economic opportunity.
It was clear from the police briefing that a tragic tale about accidentally shooting the love of one’s life will give way to a murder trial in which one of the golden boys of international sports will be portrayed as a monster. vera bradley wallet This story will shatter the hearts of many South Africans,as well as fans and admirers across the world.Pistorius is a South African icon. He has a disarming smile,exudes warmth,is very friendly and engaging with the public and media,and is enviably handsome. The fact that he is a double amputee is arguably not even the first thing one now cites in making sense of his popularity. He just is a sporting superstar without qualification.Related Stories Lizzie Crocker: Blade Runner’s Beauty Queen: Who Was Reeva Steenkamp? Buzz Bissinger: The Unwarranted Mythology of Oscar Pistorius Of course,a larger narrative about his life must include the historic impact this athlete has had on how we view athletes with disabilities.
 One possible mitigating mechanism against resistance on the domestic side might be to build into the process a mechanism for ongoing consultations with AIPAC leadership. The same should be done with the leadership of groups like the American Task Force on Palestine.The key to their success would have to be quiet and decisive diplomacy. The immediate damage control and crisis management must be undertaken without the usual fanfare and bold statements. Now is not the time for speeches. The U.S. needs to reach an understanding with the Israeli government and the Palestinian leadership that the U.N. vote would be allowed to go through without U.S. and Israeli objection. The U.S. would play a significant role in drafting the resolution.
 "The South is not the same South it was in 1964," said Frank Ellis,a Shelby County,Alabama,lawyer at the center of the case.Supporters of Section 5 point out that just last year it was used to invalidate potentially discriminatory voter-ID laws,and so is still necessary. Even if the areas singled out by the Voting Rights Act have made progress,supporters say,they still have problems,and in any case,it's Congress's prerogative to decide which regions the law should apply to. "The formula seems to be working pretty well in terms of going after the actual violations on the ground and who's committing them," said Kagan.During arguments,the majority of justices seemed critical of Section 5,with Kennedy,likely the deciding vote,suggesting that Congress exceeded its authority in treating some sections of the country more harshly than others.
 But sources close to the attorney general says he has been particularly stung by the leak controversy,in large part because his department's—and his own—actions are at odds with his image of himself as a pragmatic lawyer with liberal instincts and a well-honed sense of balance—not unlike the president he serves. "Look,Eric sees himself fundamentally as a progressive,not some Torquemada out to silence the press," says a friend who asked not to be identified. And yet late last week even the progressive Huffington Post was calling for Holder to step down over the leaks furor. (Obama has continued to express confidence in his attorney general,and Holder has given no indication that he would step aside.
 Indeed,saddled with $60 per hour UAW labor costs against nonunion competition at $15 per hour,it was kept alive only by an intra-industry Ponzi scheme: Delphi floated bad trade credit to GM and GM massively overpaid Delphi for parts.Delphi was thus an economic train wreck that had no prospect of honest rehabilitation. Under pressure from GM and the UAW, it remained mired in bankruptcy court for the next four years yet was ultimately able to emerge from Chapter 11 only because the White House auto task force saw fit to pump billions of taxpayer money into its corpse as part of the GM bailout.The first-order effect of this terrible abuse of state power,of course,was a few more $60 per hour UAW jobs in Saginaw,Michigan,and a few less $15 per hour nonunion jobs in Tennessee and Alabama.
 Woodwardgate is a textbook case. When Woodward wrote his infamous column last weekend,the small band of liberal bloggers and opinion writers,we who fashion ourselves (or more accurately were once fashioned by a Bush aide speaking on background who was probably Karl Rove) the "reality-based community," all wrote that Woodward was just factually wrong. That Obama hadn’t moved the goal posts. He’d been talking about revenue as part of the sequestration fix since the day the 2011 Budget Control Act was passed.We were interested in the substance. Silly us. What the rest of Washington was interested in was the simple fact that it was Bob Woodward saying it. All the liberals ended up doing,in fact,was making Woodward more interesting.

The court did not agree and instead found him guilty of all charges